Booking the Pony Carousel

Pony Pals requires a $100 deposit to book the pony carousel. This fee does go toward the final payment and will only be reimbursed in the event that your event is canceled due to inclement weather. Pony Pals does have a 80 lb max weight limit, and a 5 foot max height limit. Pony Pals has a Liability Waiver that must be signed by all legal guardians of any and all participants in order for them to participate in equine activities with us.

  • Live mobile pony carousel available for your event! Book us for festivals, fairs, fundraisers, church/school events, organizational days, weddings and corporate events.

  • Pony Pals does attend events as a vendor. Let us know about the event that you are planning!

  • Buy the carousel!
    Pony Pals sells a 4 pony carousel for sponsored events. The carousel can be purchased for $500 the first two hours and $100 each additional hour. We currently have 4 pony carousels. $1 a mile one way outside of a 20 mile radius up to 100 miles away. Events farther than 100 miles mileage is $1 a mile both ways.

Dancing Lights of Nashville

Reindeer Rides by Pony Pals!

Book a pony carousel for your next event!

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