Mobile Petting Zoo

Pony Pal's petting zoo has a vairiety of goats and sheep, llamas, alpacas, chickens, turkeys, ducks, minature donkeys, a minature horse, geese and minature cows. This is truly a barnyard exhibit! Book the petting zoo for parties, fairs, festivals, events, family reunions, organizational days, corporate events, school/daycares/church and nursing home events. We do attend events with the petting zoo as a vendor. Let us know about the event that you are planning! The petting zoo can also be bought through sponsorship. Petting zoo cost is $225 for the first hour and $100 each additional hour. $1 a mile one way for locations within 75 miles from our farm. Distances farther than 75 mileas are $1 mile both ways. 2 hour minimum for events 50+ miles away. Our Petting zoos take up a 10 foot by 20 foot space and can go on grass or asphalt. We bring out a minimum of 12 animals. 2 hour minimum.

Booking the Petting Zoo

Pony Pals requires a $100 deposit to book the petting zoo. This fee does go toward your final payment and will only be reimbursed in the event that your party is canceled due to inclement weather.

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Mobile Petting Zoo!

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Mobile Petting Zoo!